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The massive Star Wars Celebration III went down at the Indiana Convention Center in downtown Indianapolis April 21-24. 35k SW fans in attendance. George Lucas made his first convention appearance since the late 80's. Highlights:

  • Arrived a couple days early to setup the OfficialPix 43,000+ sq. ft. autograph area. I'd reckon this to be 40,000 sq. ft. larger than the autograph area from Celebration II a few years back.
  • First assemblage of the entire crew. A righteous group of people. Except Jay. That guy is a dork.
  • Thunderous Ep3 footage shown to exhibitors late Sunday afternoon. While there was no doubt this was a reel of the "A" material, it's readily apparent ROTS will be the zenith of the prequels.
  • Coolin' our heels at the RS hotel suite one evening with Barrie Holland (guy who said: "You rebel scum" in ROTJ) and Lucas Licensing Art Director Troy Alders. Troy was a bonanza of entertaining anecdotes.
  • Handed out 5000 "Star Wars is Forever" pins (to those hip enough to request 'em) whilst hawkin' the photo-wares at the OfficialPix booth.
  • Over the past couple months we've been helping OfficialPix and Rebelscum with designs for shirts, pins, lanyards, patches, website graphics, etc. Neat to see volunteers and actors (and in the case of the "SW is Forever" pins, 5000 assorted people) wearing items Philip and I concocted. Even better to see the stuff on eBay billed as a Celebration III "collectible".
  • Managed to take in the Star Wars in 30 Minutes play with my favorite Kyle (sliding in on Don Bies coattails after a quick chat with the man). I'll say it again, SW in 30 is flat out teh awesome!!!!1
  • Dorkified as it may sound, it was pretty cool to happen upon the costumed 501st assembling for a giant group picture.

(note: a handful of pictures in this gallery were taken by Jeremy Beckett and Dave Myatt)

IMG_4001.jpg IMG_0417.JPG IMG_0411.JPG IMG_0424.JPG IMG_0540.JPG IMG_0446.JPG
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