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About a hundred years ago in 1984, fellow seventh grader Nick Smith introduced us to our close friend "comic books".  Every conscious thought I'd have for the next five or six years were, in some way, associated with comics, Car Wars, Dungeons & Dragons, or girls (in that order, it's true).

After reading about it countless times, I finally made it out to the comic book Super Bowl known as the 34th Annual San Diego International Comic Con. The cavernous SD Convention Center was jammed with artists, publishers, game developers, toy companies, actors, and tv/movie displays. Geek Mecca, exactly as imagined. It was like being inside joy.

I wrote up a feature on the 2002 Con over at Rebelscum, which, naturally, focuses on the whole Star Wars angle. Some of the highlights of this year's geek fiesta included:

  • Trip to California. A startling change of scenery for those who hail from the East.
  • Solaris movie presentation with host James Cameron.
  • Preview of the currently-being-filmed X-men 2, with host Bryan Singer. Looks awesome even without special effects.
  • Met Matt Groening, who was cloaked in a thick blanket of fanboys everywhere he walked.
  • Bumped into Mark Hamill (practically) as he was starring/directing in some indy mockumentary-type flick called Comic Book: The Movie. Smacks of direct-to-video, methinks...
  • Snagged a way cool Blade Runner 12" knock-off ("Android Hunter") for cheap. Dragon body, die cast gun, terrific likeness - already regretting not picking up the Roy Batty they were selling with him.
  • Scored a deluxe exhibitor pass, which allowed for leisurely browsing of convention floor every morning/evening sans the crowds.
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