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Check out some pictures of the San Deigo Comic Con 2003 that went down late last July. The con features nearly 200 different programs running throughout every day, scores of comic book publishers and creators, more toys and toy companies that you can shake a stick at, and 400,000 square feet of exhibit hall. Some highlights from this year:
  • Front row center in the main 5000+ auditorium on Saturday for the Lord of the Rings presentation, the 90 minute Kevin Smith panel, and Warner Bros/New Line stuff. No better seat in th' house.
  • Met Mike Mignola, picked up a Hellboy sketch.
  • Met Bill Sienkiewicz, picked up a quick sketch of some chick.
  • Scored an exhibitor pass, which allowed for leisurely browsing of convention floor every morning/evening sans the crowds. Which was nice.
  • Updated Rebelscum convention coverage live from show floor via wireless network on Philip's laptop.
  • Bumped into Quentin Tarantino Friday on show floor.
  • Beheld the Star Wars in 30 Minutes play which was, in a word, the greatest live performance ever made. Pray they take that show on the road...
  • Snagged the following convention exclusives: Armies of Middle Earth 3-Pack (5000), Mattel's Batman (3000), Toynami's new Thundarr the Barbarian (1,000).
  • Learned that you don't want your hotel to be in what the cab drivers call "the barrio", as this is a bad part of town. Reckon there's a reason the rates were so cheap.
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