It was another magical adventure at the San Diego Comic Con July 19th-23rd of aught-o-six. I believe it is fair to say, without ambiguity, this year's event was superior to any other human achievement.

As is the custom, there is an SDCC feature over on covering the Star Wars angle - check it. Meanwhile, Station highlights:

  • Conversed with Richard Taylor at the Gentle Giant/Dark Horse/Weta party on Friday night. Co-founder of the Weta Workshop. Multiple Oscar winner and all-around good guy. Obviously a peak moment.
  • Saw Korean sculptor Arnie Kim and his jaw dropping Bruce Lee Game of Death 1/6 scale figures at the Kaching Brands booth. It was Kim's big American debut. The level of talent here is mind-bending.
  • Took in the Snakes on a Plane panel. The movie looks silly, but the panel was a riot. Sam Jackson demonstrated a razor sharp wit during the QnA.
  • Met rockstar/artist James Kochalka, picked up one of those colorful little 3"x3" paintings he sells at these shows.
  • Snagged the following convention exclusives: Mattel's JLU Solomon Grundy, Mezco's Comic Hellboy w/Japanese Heads, and of course Sideshow's Darth Vader Sith Apprentice 12" and their Subject 5: Security Guard. The WETA party also gave out gift bags with a statue of King Kong fightin' a T-Rex that, I can only assume, was made specifically for me.
IMG_7786.JPG IMG_7795.JPG IMG_8286.JPG IMG_7890.JPG IMG_7797.JPG IMG_7801.JPG
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Several of the photos above are courtesy Mr. Dave Myatt.