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Check out some pictures of the Dallas Comic Con that went down late October 2003. The con drew a host of "celebrities", including Anthony Daniels, John Rhys-Davies, Warwick Davis, and David Prowse. Some notable comic book artists as well - Tim Bradstreet, Adam Hughes, Bob Burden, etc. Some highlights from this year:
  • First public showing of the first episode of the upcoming Clone Wars animated "micro-series" (and a private screening of the next four episodes, strictly for the hip). That Genndy Tartakovsky has it figured out...
  • Met Scott Kurtz, picked up a sketch of the mighty Skull.
  • Scored a Sin City Family Values TPB "Dark Forces" edition, signed and number by Frank Miller (for a paltry seven bucks).
  • Learned that the Segway Human Transporter is, bar none, the very pinnacle of mankind's greatest innovations.
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