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June 1, 2009

Batting third in our Many Movies of May series is Terminator: Salvation (Wolverine = 1st, Star Trek = 2nd). T:S packed a punch, but failed to achieve the heights of the first two Terminator movies. Blew that third Rise of the Machineschapter straight out of the water, however.

The Good:

  • Finally, a Terminator set in the post-apocalyptic future. It took three of these things (and a TV series) to get us when we should've been after the first.
  • No deficiencies to report in the following departments: robots, explosions, fightin'.
  • The action sequences didn't needlessly suffer from extreme close-ups and choppy editing that's so trendy these days. There's a chopper crash in the first act goes down in one long, continuous shot that's a marvel to behold. Safety Tip: when boarding a helicopter, check for John Conner. If Conner = true, brace for impact.
The Bad:
  • Anton Yelchin as Kyle Reese is an odd choice, though he's better here than as Chekov (in the JJ Abrams Star Trek).
  • Connor is portrayed as a legend in his own time, which felt erroneous. The guy is mysteriously plagued by the Neo-like burden of having his Savior of Humanity status called into question by High Command. Irritating.
  • The Skynet-run terminator HQ featured computer and control interfaces designed for humans. Convenient. Pretty nerdy you even noticed.
The Ugly:
  • Christian Bale screen time is entirely too short.
  • There's a spunky little kid named Star who should've been left on the cutting room floor. Thankfully, she was mute, which kept the damage to a minimum.
  • Did not need the ridiculous Matrix Reloaded-style chat-with-your-machine-maker exposition.
Overall, Terminator: Salvation was more fun than expected. Familiarity with the franchise will greatly increase overall enjoyment.

The final May Movie is Up. Trailers for this guy fail to appeal on any level. The Pixar track record, however, must not be ignored.

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