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May 13, 2009

Star Trek goes down as the second in our Many Movies of May series (Wolverine = 1st). The ST trailers promised super crazy sci-fi action, and the end result did not disappoint:

The Good:

  • The entire movie looked great - set designs, computer interfaces, ships, the whole futuristic enchilada - all very slick.
  • Hardly a weak note in the cast. Spock and Bones were ridiculously spot-on. Kid Kirk filled Shatner's swarthy captain shoes admirably.
  • The abundant special effects coupled with energetic cinematography and sound design formed a relentless three-pronged assault on the senses. Which was awesome. Dialing up the Nerd a bit, it felt like a two-hour version of the sensation I get the first few minutes after walking into an unfamiliar comic book store (sans the wonderful paper and cardboard smell).
The Bad:
  • The action sequences were occasionally too zoomed-in (with, quick shaky-cam cuts) to track, though not nearly on the level of the impossible-to-follow action in the Bourne Ultimatum or Quantum of Solace. Still, this is a trend that must be stopped.
  • Chekov was kind of a weak note in the cast.
  • Lacking anything in the way of a quiet moment allowing viewers to catch their breath and just bask in a big-budget future. Spock and Uhura share some down time (pun!) in an elevator, but I couldn't stop trying to scope the elevator menu interface or nifty lighting scheme behind them.
  • The villain and his evil scheme felt a bit run-of-the-mill.
The Ugly:
  • Not a fan of the Nokia product placement - even if it was part of an "antique" car. The "Slusho" reference was ok, though it whipped me right out the movie.
Overall, the Star Trek reboot (as it is known) gets an enthusiastic thumbs-up. Didn't mind the plot holes, certainly didn't mind the bad science - we signed up for lasers and explosions and fighting and snappy dialogue, and that's what was delivered - wrapped in a shiny, futuristic package. Looking forward to the sequel.

Terminator: Salivation is on deck the weekend after next. Directed by this "McG" fella, who has a shaky track record with those Charlie's Angels movies. The hip pseudonym fails to instill confidence. Still, hard to screw up a post-apocalyptic future brimming with killer robots. It's almost a winner by default.

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